Sightseeing in Tokyo: Tsukiji fish market, the best choice for a food trip!

When you are planning your trip to Tokyo, Tsukiji must be one of the many ideas you have in mind, right? Speaking of Tsukiji, everyone can tell it is a fresh fish market without any hesitation. It is so well-known among travelers that almost everybody who comes to Tokyo will give a visit to it. Wondering why this place is so famous? Let me introduce what you can enjoy in Tsukiji!

The first thing to know is, Tsukiji fish market is very large in scale, which makes there lots of things and activities you can see and enjoy. For instance, there are auctions through which traders bid for special items. And of course, there are many choices of restaurants serving delicious seafood cuisines, and other things of the sort. While the market is well-known for fresh fish, this place is not only for fish lovers. For non fish lovers, you can experience the local Japanese culture here.

Let’s go and explore Tsukiji fish market!

The biggest wholesale market in the world!

If you want to have an idea how beloved Tsukiji fish market is, it is introduced in almost every Japan travel guide. Can’t believe it? Go to a bookstore and randomly pick one guidebook. There must be a page for Tsukiji fish market!

It is said that the cash flow in this market is the hugest among the world. Now you can imagine how active the market is. Although the market is officially decided to be moved to Toyosu, what is moved is only the wholesale market, while other shops and restaurants remain stayed. Another fact is, Tsukiji fish market is going to celebrate the 100th anniversary of opening. Don’t waste time worrying about no shops or restaurants!

Tsukiji fish market is located in the centre of Tokyo. From Tokyo station (to where it is a 40-minute bus ride from Heneda airport), it is only a 20-minute bus ride to Tsukiji. Another good choice is to walk from Tokyo station at your own pace. Isn’t it a great idea to take a walk after a meal?

Fish everywhere!

As it is called a “fish market”, when you walk into the market, there is fish everywhere! The market plays an important role in supplying foodstuffs to all over the world – it does not supply seafood only to local restaurants in Japan, but the seafood is also exported to the whole world.

While you can enjoy observing how local people deal and trade with each other, do remember to follow the rules strictly!

Innumerable amount of fish displayed for sale

A striking scene you will find in the market is, there are countless fresh ingredients displayed at the stores for everyone to see. Seafood is a common ingredient found in Japanese cuisine, which implies a large demand for seafood in this country. When you look at the displays in the market, you must be amazed at how much seafood is consumed in a day by Japanese.

Don’t forget that you should not touch any displays at the stores. Let’s go to a seafood restaurant if you can’t wait to eat!

Japan: highest consumption of tuna among the world

Have you ever seen blocks of tuna? Interesting right?

The highest consumption of tuna among the world is found to be in Japan. In Tsukiji fish market, there are tunas of the finest quality from all over world. The tunas are usually cut into blocks, which you may find amusing.

Well, here comes the auction! You can observe the tuna auction as long as reservation is made in advance. Reservation is accepted from 5 am of the day. So remember to get up early! It is really thrilling to see traders competing for first-rate tunas, so this activity is highly recommended.

Get premium fresh ingredients handily

Tsukiji fish market is not only about tuna, there are also many other ingredients you can get, especially luxurious ones.

Crab is also one of the many kinds of seafood the Japanese people like to eat, for example. The body of a crab is used to make sashimi (which is raw); the shell of a crab is for making soups, etc…  It is amazing that Japanese make use of every part of a crab to make as many dishes as they can. In Japan, a cup of first-rate crabs can be worth 20,000 yen! (“Cup” is used to measure crabs in Japanese) Now, don’t you think Tsukiji fish market is full of treasures?

Plenty of shops outside the market

You can find fresh ingredients not just in the market, they are also found in many shops outside the market. Shops outside the market are usually for retail sale, so free feel to buy anything you like! Bare in mind that shops in the market are usually for wholesale only. So, try not to disturb the traders in the market.

Enjoy the fresh ingredients right here

There are some shops offering services to cook the fresh ingredients for you to enjoy immediately. Different kinds of fish has its own taste. So for those who are not very keen on fish, don’t hesitate to give a try! You might find the kind of fish you like!

Sushi is a must-eat in Tsukiji!

Don’t forget the most well-known Japanese food – sushi! When there are so many fresh seafood available in the market, it is simply impossible to have not any sushi restaurants here.

There are not only restaurants serving sushi, but also those serving Kaisendon (a bowl of rice topped with sashimi). Try as much as you can!

Recommendation for non fish lovers

For non fish lovers who just want to have a look of the bustling market and experience the local culture, there is a good restaurant recommended for you.

Kitsuneya is a restaurant where Gyu-don (beef rice) is served. The Gyu-don there is so tasty that even celebrities often come to eat! Non fish lovers, now you know where to eat in Tsukiji!

A must-go place to feel the real Japan

Tsukiji fish market is always bustling and lively, with plentiful negotiations and trades being done every day. It is highly recommended for visitors to have a taste of Japanese food and culture there. No matter you love seafood or not, it is for sure a must-go spot!

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