Animal cafes not to miss at Ikebukuro, Tokyo

This is a must-see for animal lovers!

In this article, we will introduce you to a number of animal cafes in Ikebukuro, a major transport hub in Tokyo.

Get in contact with these cute animals

The original craze started with cat cafes. In Japan, there are lots cat cafes where people can interact and play with cats. Over the years, it has expanded to accommodate a wide range of animal lovers, including dogs and owls.

As one of the most famous tourist spots in Tokyo, Ikebukuro is the heart of animal cafes. After shopping and sightseeing around the area, you might want to relax and spend time with the animals at these cafes.

Most animal cafes in Tokyo have a time limit but you can always extend your time by paying extra. Compared to normal cafes, animal cafes are slightly more expensive.

For the popular cafes, you might not be able to enter unless you have a reservation so we recommend you to check the times in advance.

Owl cafe

There are 2 owl cafes at Ikebukuro. One of the reason why owls are popular in Japan is because even though they look calm, they make cute expressions and people just fall in love with them at first sight. Owls are not usually considered as dangerous but they have sharp nails so it is advised you look at them from a distance. However, it is possible and touch them under the guidance of the staffs and for an additional fee, you can have an owl sitting on your shoulder!

Cat cafe

Next, we will introduce you to the cat café. The world’s first cat café opened in Taiwan and afterwards Japan adapted the idea. There are 4 cat cafes in Ikebukuro and each café offers different experiences. One café offers you the chance to play with over 20 cats and you can read comics while having cats around you at another café.

Cat cafes are where you can play with cats freely but the most important thing is to ensure the cats are in a stress-free environment. Loud noises, chasing, flash photography, giving food and picking up the cats are prohibited at all stores.

Dog cafe

In Japan, dog cafes are separated into two categories: cafes where you tag your dog along and the ones where you can play with the cafes’ dogs. Previously, the dog café at Ikebukuro allows customers to bring their dog along but of course if your dog is not travelling with you on your trip, you can still enter the store!

If you are missing your four-legged best friend back at home, might as well spend some time at these dog cafes!

Rabbit cafe

There are two rabbit cafes in Ikebukuro. At the café, you are allowed to feed the rabbits but not allowed to pick them up or chase them. Rabbits tend not to get stressed easily like cats do but touching them on the ear and tail can cause them stress.

If you want to touch the rabbits, it is advised you to stroke gently on its back and head.

Penguin bar

The cafes we introduced so far were expansions of one after another and you might be able to visit these animal cafes in your hometown.

But have you encountered any penguins before?

Penguin no iru BAR” in Ikebukuro is the only bar in Tokyo where you can see real-life penguins! It is very rare to see penguins outside aquariums and but at this bar, you can see penguins swimming in its pool at a closer distance.

Although the main attraction of this bar are the pengiuns, the drinks there are also highly evaluated.

For those who want to visit, advance reservation is recommended.

And if you want to meet more animals!

If you are not yet satisfied with the cafes we introduced, you can encounter different kinds of animals at the “Ikemofu Animal Room”. Here, you will find owls, rabbits and reptiles such as lizards and snakes. It is possible to ask the staff to put the snake around your neck for a photo- this place is more like a small zoo than those regular animal cafes!

Head over to Ikebukuro

It takes 24 minutes by train to get from Tokyo station to Ikebukuro station via the Yamanote line. Most of the animal cafes are located near the station, especially at the east side.

Totally the best place to visit for animal lovers!

We have introduced you to many animal cafes around Ikebukuro area so you can choose to meet all sorts of animals from birds, mammals to reptiles. Remember to follow to the rules and most important, enjoy your time at these cafes!


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