Bargain shopping! Flea markets in Tokyo you should visit

Thinking of going shopping in Tokyo? Visit the flea markets! This is where you can find great deals on items and interact with new people.

Let's go to the flea markets!

Are you heading out to Tokyo’s famous department stores? There are many shopping places to shop in Tokyo, as well as flea markets. In this article, we will be introducing you to the top flea markets in Tokyo.

Good stuff for cheap price

A flea market is a market that sells second-hand and handmade item. At flea markets, you can find a range of items such as clothes, books, CD and furniture sold at bargain price. Although most items are second-hand, you might find limited edition or valuable items that you won’t find at department stores.

Have fun communicating with other people

Flea market vendors are ordinary people, and the items on sale are the ones they own – the clothes they used to wear and the books they used to read. It is where you can talk to the vendors about their shop and products, it is a place where you can start a conversation with lots of people in Tokyo, and thus, it is a recommend spot for people who want to make new friends!

Antique market at Tokyo International Forum

Around 200 vendors participated in the flea-market held at the public square of “Tokyo International Forum”, Yurakucho station. It is held every Sunday of the month and it is very crowded from morning until the afternoon!

In addition, at Tokyo International Forum, the largest outdoor flea market called “Oedo Antique Flea Market” is held on the first and third Sundays of the month. Although the word “antique” gives an old-fashioned image, this flea market is full of Japanese traditional artifacts that brings back life from the past!

Shopping under the beautiful sky, Yoyogi Park

The flea market at Yoyogi Park is held from time to time and it is where you can enjoy shopping as well as feeling the outdoor breeze. Yoyogi Park is located near Shibuya, the popular area among teenagers and young adults and the products sold there are aimed at this audience. The prices are reasonable so if you are interested in the latest fashion trend in Tokyo, be sure to visit this flea market.

Over 600 shops at "Oi Keiba Jou"

“You’ll find everything you are looking for!”

The flea market at “Oi Keiba Jou (Oi Racecourse)” is held every weekend. It is a 3-minute walk from “Oi Keiba Jou Eki-mae” station via the Tokyo Monorail line. Access to the venue might be a little convenient but you will definitely forget about that as you arrive at the venue – this place can fit around 600 stalls! Those who love bargain shopping should not miss this event!

A peaceful place to go shopping, PARCO Kichijoji

Kichijoji is a vibrant town full of nature and people of the younger generation. Flea markets are held occasionally at the rooftop of a department store called “PARCO”. Kichijoji is also a popular area about younger people just like Shibuya, but it is located a little further from the centre of Tokyo, therefore the atmosphere is much more quiet and peaceful. This flea market is recommended for those who want to enjoy shopping at their own pace.

Shop for antiques at Nogi Shrine

If you are interested in Japanese antiques, make sure you visit the antique flea market at Nogi Shrine which is held on the 4th Sunday of every month. The shrine itself is well-known among tourists from overseas since it is located near Roppongi, a popular night-life tourist spot. Take a look at the traditional Japanese items that are on sale and at the same time feel the historical atmosphere when you’re at the shrine!

Farmers' Market at United Nations University

Flea markets aren’t just about clothing and antiques. You can even get cooking ingredients! “Farmers’ Market” is held every weekend in front of the United Nations University in Aoyama. The products here 100% organic and you can even find some home-made ingredients that you might like to take home!

Where food lovers gather, Ebisu Marche

“Ebisu Marche” is held on Sundays at Yebisu Garden Place. You won’t find only fruits and vegetables but also a wide range of bread, jam, honey, sweets, tea and more! The venue is filled with red tents and flags which will make you feel like you are walking around somewhere in Europe.

Find your favourite item!

The items you find at these flea markets in Tokyo might not be available elsewhere so you might find unique souvenirs to bring back home! If you love eating, be sure to visit the food markets. Let us help you to get your flight tickets to Tokyo and enjoy shopping at the flea markets!


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