Enjoy breathtaking scenery of Mount Fuji on a canoe at Lake Kawaguchi

Don’t you feel like explore more rather than just looking at Mount Fuji from far away? How about rowing a Canadian canoe at Lake Kawaguchi? While appreciating the magnificence of Mount Fuji, you can at the same time feel the cool breeze and fresh air in the middle of the lake. Nothing beats such a therapeutic trip!

Mount Fuji is a must-see in Japan!

It goes without saying that Mount Fuji is the landmark of Japan. With the height of 3,776 metres, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, and has been registered as a World Heritage Site.

Lake Kawaguchi lays at the foot of Mount Fuji

At the foot of Mount Fuji, there is a lake named “Lake Kawaguchi” (“Kawaguchi-ko” in Japanese). Lake Kawaguchi is the second largest lake among the five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji. The transportation to there is good – there are direct trains running from Tokyo to the lake every day.

Ride on a canoe wandering around the lake

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Isn’t it too ordinary to just look at Mount Fuji from far away? I am sure it is a better idea to ride on a canoe at Lake Kawaguchi and enjoy the amazing view of Mount Fuji closely in the middle of the lake. “Country Lake Systems” offers you canoeing experiences and is open 365 days a year! There are beginner courses with instructors guiding you to row. This way, you simply do not have to worry even if you are just a beginner. Just enjoy!

Have fun at the lake with your beloved dogs!

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What surprises you is, the company offers a plan for pet lovers to enjoy canoeing with their dogs! Dogs are part of the family, and you never want to leave them at home while travelling, right? Life jackets are provided to you and your dog. Let’s depart!

The best angle to admire Mount Fuji – from the middle of Lake Kawaguchi

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Rowing the canoe around the lake, you will see a more spectacular view of Mount Fuji than what any other places can give you. Mount Fuji and the adjacent mountains together make the finest scenery you have ever seen. With the cozy breeze, feel the charm of the highest mountain in Japan, and relax!

To ride a canoe at Lake Kawaguchi, click on the link below and make a reservation. The meeting place is at the first floor of Wilderness Park Lodge. From Kawaguchiko Station, get on a Fujikyuko bus and get off at Kitahamasou bus stop. Then, it is just a 1-minute walk to the meeting place.

[VELTRA] Family Friendly Canoe Adventure with a Mt. Fuji View on Lake Kawaguchi

When you visit Japan, definitely do not miss the most representative landmark of Japan – Mount Fuji! Do consider experiencing canoeing at Lake Kawaguchi to best enjoy the stunning view. Create the sweetest memories with your beloved ones!


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