"Rabbit Island" – island where you can find the cutest creature in the world!

Have you ever heard of “Rabbit Island”? As the name suggests, there are a number rabbits living on the island.

But why are there so many rabbits living there? And where exactly is this “cute” island? Are people allowed to visit this island?

Rabbit Island?

“Rabbit Island” is a small island located in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan, at the west of Honshu. People know this island as “Rabbit Island”, but the island is actually called “Okunoshima”. Currently, there are about 700 rabbits living on the island.

Okunoshima was one called a “poison gas island” because it was where the army manufactured poison gas. It has been said that this island was removed from some old maps too.

Board the ferry, the rabbits are waiting!

You can take the ferry to Rabbit Island. From Tadanoumi Station, it it’s a 7-minute walk to the port. The ferry ride takes around 12 minutes.

The ferry departs every 2 hours but from Hiroshima station to Takanoumi station is 1-hour by Shinkansen so if you want to spend more time with the rabbits, we recommend you to stay at the hotel on the island.

There are around 700 rabbits on the island

How come there’s so many rabbits living on the island?

Although there are several assumptions, it is said that the most prevailing one is that there were 8 rabbits kept at a local primary school and were released onto the island in 1971. The number of rabbits have increased from 8 to 700 over 30 years.

What kind of rabbits are there on the island?

Are you interested in what kind of rabbits you might find on the island?

There are brown rabbits, blue-eyed rabbits and even the ones that have both black and white fur. Rabbits on this island are all “European rabbits”, and they live in a group of underground burrows called a warren.

They are adorable

These rabbits are adorable! The rabbits here appear to have a good time under shady trees, snuggling with a couple of birds and eating. You wouldn’t get to see this sight every day.

Enjoy taking photos with the rabbits, stroke their fur and give them food. Since they are wild rabbits, their teeth are sharp so just be careful when you are handling them food.

Prepare food for the rabbits!

Unlike dogs and cats, if you don’t give the rabbits food, they won’t leave so it is better to prepare some food for them.

Carrots, cabbages, apples are perfect for the rabbits and lots of them will run up to you! Please do not feed them other food as it can be harmful for the rabbits.

A hotel on Rabbit Island

Some people are worried that they might not be able to spend a lot of time on Rabbit Island because it is a little far from Hiroshima station.

You can stay at “Kyukamura”, which is the only hotel on the island so you don’t have to worry about catching the last ferry on the way back to the port.

Bring some food, and prepare to meet the rabbits!

There are scenic spots, beautiful beaches, flowers, and 700 rabbits for you to play with at Rabbit Island. If you have chance, please visit this “rabbit paradise”!


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