Visit the "Wisteria Festival" at Kameido shrine

The best place to see wisterias in Tokyo is at Kameido Shrine. Let’s celebration spring season at the “Wisteria Festival”.

What are wisterias?

Wisteria blooms from late April to early May. They are considered as climbing vines and have small flowers attached to it. The flower existed since ancient Japan and was used as ornaments for decoration as they come in a beautiful gradation of purple.

Visit Kameido shine for the best view of wisterias

At Kameido shrine, there are over 100 wisteria vines for you to see. All the wisterias starts blooming in late April and the viewing period for wisterias are around two weeks. Lots of people visit the shrine to see the full bloom.

Tokyo Skytree and wisterias in one frame

Other than Kameido shrine, you can see wisterias from other places as well. However, this is the only place where you can see both Tokyo Skytree and wisterias in one frame. It will be one of the most beautiful sights from your trip.

Let spring be welcomed by blooming of wisterias in Wisteria Festival

As the wisterias starts to bloom, this marks the start of the Wisteria Festival. Enjoy the full bloom of these flowers as well as taking a visit to over 100 stalls that are opened at the time of the festival.

In Japan, the long holiday starts at the beginning of May so it is recommended to go to wisteria festival around late April just after the flowers have started to bloom. During the festival, performances are held daily. Last year, there were monkey performances, Japanese music and dance performances. Enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese festival under the spectacular sight of wisterias.


From Tokyo station, it is a 15-minute train ride to Kameido Station. It is around 15-minutes walk from the station to the shrine.

Experience spring festival in Japan

Many people visit Japan during spring to see this beautiful landscape with their own eyes. In addition, this season is ideal for traveling to Japan as the climate is absolutely perfect. Giamso Tours will make your trip to Wisteria Festival the most remarkable one.


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