Where to stay in Tokyo? Osaki, a place with good transportation and economical hotels

If you are wondering where to stay in Tokyo, Osaki is highly recommended for you. Osaki is a quiet area with many offices located around, and is a really convenient area for sightseeing. With good transportation and plenty of choices for cheap accommodation, it is just a perfect place to stay for sightseeing.

Shuttle bus between Narita airport and Osaki

It is always not easy to deal with the local transportation when traveling overseas, and getting to and from the airport is even more exhausting. But if you are staying in Osaki, you don’t have to worry about this at all. There is a shuttle bus directly to Osaki from Narita Airport, one of the international airports in Japan. And if you take the bus, even if you have much luggage for a long stay, everything is still easy and simple.

Going on a business trip seems less harsh when it is so convenient to go to and from the international airport, and when the many offices of international companies you might have to visit are located around where you stay, Osaki.

The bus ride from Narita airport to Osaki station takes you no more than 90 minutes, so you don’t get tired right after arriving your destination.

There are several bus operating companies offering the bus service between Osaki and Narita airport. If you want to be safe making sure that you can get a seat, booking it online in advance will be good. Almost all the websites of the bus operating companies are available in both Chinese and English, so there won’t be any problem even if you don’t read Japanese. For some bus operating companies, you can enjoy a discount if you purchase the bus ticket online!

If you forget to book a ticket online, you can simply buy the bus ticket at Narita airport. Although the counter for bus tickets are open from 7am to 9pm, outside opening hours, you can still pay by cash when you get on the bus. For the direction from Osaki to Narita airport, it is just the same case. Cash is accepted!

Best access to all main stations in Tokyo

Tokyo has a variety of downtown areas. You can find different atmospheres and tastes in different areas. The more places you visit, the more you experience! There are four lines passing through Osaki station:  Yamanote line, Shonan Shinjuku line, Rinkai line, and Saikyo line. From Osaki station, it is always easy to travel to all the popular places. So staying in Osaki, it is never a dream to be able to visit all the places introduced in your guidebook!

For example, it takes you only about 20 minutes by Yamanote line to get to Akihabara, the popular “Otaku’s town”. And it is only a 15-minute train ride to Shinjuku, one of the biggest town in Tokyo. Even for places outside Tokyo, say Yokohama, which is in Kanagawa prefecture, there is still easy access available from Osaki!

If you are on a business trip, it is inevitable to go here and there meeting business partners or attending conferences. Business districts where countless offices are located, like Osaki, will be perfect for you! I bet you have never found a place as convenient as Osaki, for both sightseeing and business!

Many choices of budget accommodation around Osaki station, even the capsule hotels!

Osaki is one of the leading business districts even in Tokyo, so there are always lots of people from all over Japan coming for business. With more visitors, there comes more accommodations, which offers you really a lot choices!

The hotels in business districts generally tend to be simple, as there is no need to be luxury for a business travel. Such hotels provide only basic facilities, but are clean and tidy, which is in fact good enough for people who just want to have sleep in the hotel. And the price is very reasonable!

When you are busy visiting here and there, you don’t actually have much time staying in the hotel. Don’t you think it is a brilliant idea to save money on accommodation and you can spend more on other things, say delicious cuisine?

Speaking of low budget accommodation, capsule hotel is well-known for its simplicity and has caught attention overseas. A room in a capsule hotel is no more than the space for one person to get in. It is literally a hotel just for sleep, and is way cheaper than the conventional hotels in Tokyo.

Recently, there are some capsule hotels trying to provide better facilities while the price remains unchanged. Apparently that is one of the reasons that such hotels are right now under the spotlight all around the world. Put aside whether you like it or not, why not stay one night just for commemoration? It will definitely be an interesting experience!

Ramen restaurents in Osaki

Ramen is one of the Japanese food that draws attention from all over the world. The flavors vary from region to region, even within Japan. It is surprising that anyone can enjoy Ramen at a totally affordable price in Japan, whereas it is introduced in Michelin guide together with other food in high-end restaurants.

Also, Ramen is famous among the busy businessmen in Japan, as eating ramen can be as fast as eating fast food. The area around Osaki station is just like a battlefield of ramen restaurants, as there are so many ramen restaurants that you can’t even imagine. Some of them are even so famous that the queues outside never disappear. Don’t forget to give it a try during your stay in Osaki! If you are having a long stay, try as many ramens as you can and find your favorite one!

Shopping mall opening from 7am to 12am, right outside Osaki station

To make good use of every second during your trip, getting up as early as you can is always considered the best way. But the fact is, it is not always that there are restaurants and shops opening in early morning. What is the point of getting up early if you can’t even get breakfast when you are out in the morning? Well, in Osaki business district, you never have to worry!

The businessmen in Japan start to work early in the morning, so shops and restaurants around business districts always open early too. Right outside the south exit of Osaki station, there is a large shopping mall called “Gate city Osaki” with everything such as cafes, restaurants and massage shops. The opening hours are from 7am to 12am, which is convenient for not only businessmen, but also tourists like you!

When you are out early in the morning, you can eat breakfast here. And when you come back late at night, you can still buy anything you need at the convenience stores here. There is simply no need to worry anything if you stay around Osaki station.

Osaki: the perfect choice for staying in Tokyo

As there is not many famous tourists spots nearby, Osaki can barely get too much attention from other tourists. So it is only for people who know this area – like you! Giamso Tours is offering a number of LCC flight tickets at lowest airfares. Book the budget hotels recommended above and go for a budget trip!


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